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The Coolest, Least Cheesy Way To Wear Flash Tattoos Now

We know what you’re thinking—Flash Tattoos are soooo two years ago. We would argue against that, and plus it’s festival season, which means it’s time to take some beauty risks you might not be able to pull off in your regular life (looking at you, rainbow highlighter). Instead of heading to your next festival with fake tats all over your body, this year up the cool factor by blinging out your hair. The process, courtesy of hairstylist Marshall Lin, couldn’t be easier.

First, the bad news: This look isn’t going to work with your undone beachy waves. The good news: Pretty much any other look that you can apply a flatiron to is fair game; think the pulled-back sides of a ponytail or topknot, a sleek sheet of straightened hair, or even the length of a cool braid. All it takes is a temporary tattoo (those leftover ones that have been hanging around the back of your makeup drawer since last summer will work perfectly) and a flatiron.

Start by straightening the section of hair where you want to apply the tattoo until it’s smooth (don’t forget the heat protectant!). Then carefully place the tattoo facedown, just like you would on your skin. But this next step differs from the technique you’d use for skin: Rather than using water, for your hair you’ll gently clamp the heated straightener down over the tattoo, ironing it on, just like those patches you totally needed on your jeans in seventh grade. After giving the tattoo a few seconds to cool down, peel away the backing, and ta-da! Literally the shiniest hair you’ve ever had, just in time for concert season.

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