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It’s just Grey Hair. Why Worried?

It’s just grey hair. Why worried?

Many women get anxious about seeing grey hair. To many women, the presence of grey hair is just as good as being old and unattractive, and they’ll keep checking their hair in the mirror to look for more.

I won’t suggest coloring your hair until 15% of the hair in your crown is grey. It wouldn’t be good to color a whole head of hair just for a few grey strands here and there. If it is, start with a semi-permanent color, but it’s effectiveness depends on how resistant your hair is.

It’s probably more important to try and find out the reason why your hair is grey. Aging is only one of them. If you’re in your twenties, it may be caused by reasons, such as genetics, that you may not be able to control.

So relax. Searching for grey hair is like searching for stars in the sky, you’ll only find more and more. Why let a little grey ruin your day?

-Marshall Lin

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