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What kind of brush should I choose?

Image: Carson Lin 
When people ask me what sort of brush to pick, I’ll always say choose one based on your hair length and the thickness of your hair. 

In general, you should be able to roll your hair two times, or three times if you are a hair professional because you’ll be more equipped to control the brush. For personal use, stick to a slightly bigger brush as its easier to control. 

Natural bristle or ceramic?

Bristles create tension in your hair, so it’s great if you’re trying to, for instance, make curly hair straight. Bristles brushes are also more appropriate for people with thick hair. 

Ceramic brushes absorb heat easily, so if you want to shape your hair with volume or curls, I recommend ceramic brushes because the heat helps to open your hair cuticles allowing your hair to take shape easily. 

How do I know a brush is good?

Touch and feel it, and that means don’t just buy it online. If the bristle are hard and strong, it will be able to comb through and separate every strand of hair. This is important because you want the heat to be able to get to the individual strands. 

One another thing to look out for: tension. Run the brush through your hair and check if you can feel tension when your combing through. A good brush should be able to lock the hair well with a good tension, that way, you won’t need to pull too hard when you’re blow drying. 

If you’re still having trouble picking a brush, ask your hairstylist to describe your hair texture to you, and be honest with him or her about how you currently blow dry your hair. We do this every single day, so your hairstylist will have more suggestions. 

Where to shop for brushes: 
Olivia GardenRaincryFrederic Fekkai, and Maison Pearson 

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