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Interview with supermodel Olesya Senchenko. The founder and designer of swimwear line Skaya

Do you remember how you met Marshall? Tell me about it. 

O- I met Marshall a few years ago. I was looking for a hair stylist who I can trust not only with my hair but also with my life secrets. As everybody knows, a hair stylist is not only the person who does your hair but also your therapist. Upon our first meeting, I knew that he was right for me! His professionalism and his kind personality rise above any doubt!

Since you’ve been seeing Marshall, what have you noticed about your hair?

O- My hair became healthier from the roots to the ends! It became shinier and softer! It’s even growing much more quickly! Also it’s easy for me to maintain the same perfect hair style even when I don’t have time to see my Angel Marshall! 

Oleysa wear Skaya Swimwear 

Tell me a little about your modeling career. How did you start? What have you worked on?

)-I started modeling when I was 16 years old. I won second place at the Beauty contest in Russia and that led me to sign a contract with my mother agency in Moscow. Then I went to Japan and Singapore, where I got great experience and the honor of appearing on covers of big magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Elle.
Then it was New York, Milan and Paris, where I got chance to work with famous designers including Prada, Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang.

As a young model in New York by yourself, what has been the most challenging? 

O-The most challenging was to be away from my parents and to live in a country where I can hardly speak the same language! It’s hard to be without family support at such a young age! It’s hard to make big decisions and organize your life. You become mature very quickly because you understand it’s not time to be a baby and complain about things!

How did you come up with your line Skaya? How do you describe Skaya swimwear?

O-After modeling for 10 years, I chose to use my passion for fashion design by creating my own unique, velvet swimwear line, specifically designed to complement women of all body shapes and style preferences.
 Skaya swim line is inspired by my travels all around the world. From cheeky Brazil to classy and sophisticated France, Skaya swim has a design for fashionistas everywhere. A lot of brands are afraid to try new fabrics and designs, I tried to do something special with mine.
Why cover your best parts when you could wear a suit that will define them? Best of all, while Skaya swimwear is durable enough to be worn around the pool or even in the ocean, their glamorous designs make them ideal for festivals and clubbing as well.

What does beauty mean to you? 

O-I think that we all notice that some women don’t have a classic beauty type, but something in them is attractive. Something in their walk, their smile or in their eyes…this beauty doesn’t change with age. This is called charisma! It’s all about your personality and the way you treat yourself!

If you could offer any advice to young aspiring models, what would it be?

O- I think the best advice that I can give to a young model is to believe in yourself! It’s a very competitive business! Also, don’t take it as a joke, be professional, and work on yourself! And remember you are unique, there’s not another girl in the world like you.

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