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How to keep your hair looking fresh?

Humidity, body heat and dirt are all things that make our hair look dull and flat. Why? Because they add weight to your hair. To combat this, I came up with the idea of dry cleaning hair. It’s not as simple as just using dry shampoo, there’s a little more to it, but neither is it rocket science. 

How to dry clean your hair: 

  1. Flip your hair upside down. Turn your hair dryer on high heat, but keep it at a low speed. 
  2. Then, gently place the nozzle directly on your scalp and use your fingers to massage your scalp. As you massage your scalp, gently separates chunks of hair held together by oil. 
  3. Spray some dry shampoo on the scalp
  4. Flip your hair back
  5. Turn your hairdryer on cold at low speed and adjust your hair back into place while keeping the hairdryer on your scalp.

-Marshall Lin

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