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How to have amazing hair during the game

Have you ever wondered why your favorite sports stars still look so good after an intense game; why their hair looks the same before and after a game? 

People ask me if they put a lot of gel or hairspray to hold their hair together. It’s not about hold, but about buildup.

Hair gel and spray are products that only give you temporary hold. When you sweat, these products will be “washed” away. 

So they key to holding your hairstyle is to find a product that will stick on your hair for as long as possible, like sticky wax or strong hold wax. Since these products stick on your hair, sweat and heat will add buildup on your hair, enabling your hair to ook perfect like those super soccer stars.

This may all sound gross, but I won’t worry about too much if you want to look good.

As you can see these hairstyles  only require basic grooming, if you like softer-looking styles, you may want to find less vigorous sports. 

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