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6 natural remedies for dry and damaged hair

By Joshua Tresvalles

full article by Medicaldaily 

In-between our visits to the salon, our hair suffers lot of damage, which is further exacerbated by factors beyond our control, such as pollution, sun damage and even daily wear-and-tear. And even though experts suggest cutting our hair and start all over, many of us are unwilling to lose our precious strands. Fear not, because there are natural, chemical-free remedies that you can use to reverse dryness and damage on your hair.

Here are some of them:

Cold Water 

A cold water rinse is known for being applied by professional hair stylists to produce shiny and lustrous locks on your hair, but it is also proven to stop hair damage. “Cool water rinses help close and protect your scalp and hair’s cuticle, which makes the hair stronger,” said Marshall Lin, NY-based hairstylist. Unlike heat and humidity, cold water does not make the hair cuticle rise.

Just make sure that you rinse your strands properly. One study found that rinsing with cold water can leave unwanted residues afterward.

Pre-Shampoo With Coconut Oil 

Dry and dull hair need a heavy dose of moisture to be healthy again, and coconut oil does the job nicely. Although this natural hydrator removes makeup and hydrates our bodies among other functions, it also helps your hair stay healthy too. Ads by scrollerads.comAds by 

When applied before shampooing, coconut oil prevents hair from soaking up excess water, keeping dryness at bay. It also stops the cuticle from excessive swelling, which can lead to cuticle damage in the long term. 

Remember to thoroughly apply shampoo after use, because though coconut oil is lightweight, leaving it in your hair will cause your strands to become greasy and heavy, leading to additional hair damage in the long term.  TOP ARTICLES2/5Bodies In New York Get Loaded On Trucks AmidPandemic

Olive Oil

Full of anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil aids in scalp and follicle health. According to Lin, its healthy fats are beneficial for softening and conditioning our hair. It is especially effective if the olive oil used is extra-virgin olive oil, which retains a lot of needed vitamins and minerals for higher quality results. It can be used as you please for hair care, ranging from being a good additive to packaged deep hair treatments to serving as spot treatment for dry patches.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is a favorite among natural DIY treatments, mainly for its skin-healing and hair-fixing qualities. In the case of hair, it can be used alone as conditioner, or as an ingredient in making a DIY deep treatment that will pack a lot of needed moisture and nourishment.


Dry hair is difficult to rehydrate, and there are many factors that can cause dryness, from weather conditions to harsh hair styling products. 

One solution to dry hair is a natural one: plain yogurt. The lactic acid found in yogurt helps slow down loss of moisture in your hair. Since yogurt helps smooth the hair follicle and keep moisture where you want it within the hair area, it is best used when you have frizzy and textured hair. 


A healthy source of protein, healthy fats and vitamins, eggs are natural moisturizers when they are whisked before being applied to your hair. They are also rich in amino acids, which help keep your hair smooth, nourished and also protected from UV damage and pollution. 

When using eggs to restore hair health, know the type of hair that you are sporting and how many are needed for it. For dry hair, use the entire egg to rehydrate and strengthen your hair. If you have short hair, whisk just one egg, and if you have longer hair, whisk 2 or 3 or until your entire hair is covered.

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